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Lisa Lifting Gloves

Lisa Lifting Gloves

The Strong & Sxy weightlifting gloves have a one piece padded palm for that extra protection so that you can workout for as long as your body can take without your grip letting you down or it feeling uncomfortable.

They will help decrease calluses that are caused by friction when the bar rubs against the palm of your hand causing rough spots. These can sometimes be painful, so the gloves will add that layer in between for comfort. They will also help decrease the risk of dropping weights if your hands get sweaty. The gloves will help absorb the sweat and reduce the risk.

Technical details:
  • Each pair of gloves are made from a combination of faux leather padding, polyester mesh and a neoprene velcro wrist strap for a secure fit
  • Gel non-slip grip dots applied to the palm
  • Available in 3 sizes - Small, Medium and Large

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