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The STRNG guide is an 8 week weightlifting guide.

The plan is designed for anyone who is looking to build lean muscle and get strong. Through specific weight training principles and exercise selection this plan will help you build and sculpt your physique and achieve that STRNG look.
The STRNG guide is a specific type of training in order to build strength and increase muscle size. Training in a lower rep range between 4 - 8 reps and aiming to lift a heavy weight relative to you. It is devised into a PUSH/PULL/LEGS training split & training 5 x per week. Compound movements are the focus and you'll be doing the same type of compound exercises (and there are only a handful) but this is also a part of the discipline to focus and do something over to get results. The heavy lifts overload the muscles so they have to adapt to the weight you’re using and stress you’re putting them under, which in turn increases strength and muscle size. This is how you build strength and muscle size along side eating in a calorie surplus. It’s best not to do cardio while you’re aiming to gain, but if you feel you want to please only add in LISS (low intensity steady state) on the treadmill for 10 mins 3 x per week.

● 8 Weeks training
● 5 x weekly
● Training split - PUSH/PULL/LEGS
● LISS cardio on treadmill 10 mins x 3 per week
● Videos of Lisa demonstrating each exercise
● Switch option for alternate exercises
● Videos of me demonstrating each exercise
● Mark your sets as complete
● Log weight lifted
● Offline option
● The app is available on IOS & ANDROID worldwide
● Access to Lisa’s supportive Facebook group
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Dominga Selman
Love it!

Amazing app, super easy to use and very customizable! Can’t work out without it


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