Strong & Sxy

Strong and Sxy Strong 2.0

Strong and Sxy Strong 2.0

Strong & Sxy STRONG 2.0 is an 8 Weeks weightlifting guide – Alternated into week A & B. Introducing all new workout routines and variations.

The plan is designed for anyone who is looking to build lean muscle and get strong. Through specific weight training principles and exercise selection this plan will help you build and sculpt your physique and achieve that Strong and Sxy look.

The STRONG guide is a specific type of training in order to build strength and increase muscle size. The reps are low because you need to be lifting the MOST heaviest weight you can and struggling by the 5th & 6th. The exercises aren’t the same every upper and lower session, but they do have some of the same exercises in. You need to do the same type of compound exercises (and there are only a handful) but this is also a part of the discipline to focus and do something over to get results. The heavy lifts overload the muscles so they have to adapt to the weight you’re using and stress you’re putting them under, which in turn increases strength and muscle size. This is how you build strength and muscle size This type of training really benefitted me and is where I saw most of my results!

  • 8 Weeks training
  • 5 Training sessions per week
  • Training split - The training split will take you through 4 upper body and 6 lower body sessions over each 2 week period.
  • Abs workouts.
  • 1 option of cardio.
  • Warm up routines.
  • Stretching for between sets exercise glossary.
  • Videos of me demonstrating each exercise.
  • Full app access.
  • Facebook group access to my community.
  • The app is available on IOS & ANDROID and worldwide

NOTE: If you've purchased a workout guide you can access it by downloading the AFLETE App from the app store and logging in with the same account you created at checkout.

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