Strng & Sxy

Strong Home Workout Guide

Strong Home Workout Guide

Strong & Sxy Strong Home Guide is a complete 8 week training guide that can be done from home. Training weeks run from weeks 1-8 with a part 1 and part 2 for each day.

This plan is specifically designed for anyone who is looking to build lean muscle and get strong. Through specific resistance training principles and exercise selections this plan will help you build and sculpt your physique and achieve that STRONG & SXY look.

The strong guide is a specific type of training in order to build strength and increase muscle size.

Equipment needed: Strong & Sxy resistance bands

  • 8 Weeks training
  • 5 Training sessions per week
  • Part 1 and Part 2 Split per day
  • Training Split: Lower Body, Strength, Explosive Power, Bums/Tums, Full Body, Chest/Back, Arms/Shoulders, Sculpt It and Fast Paced Plyometrics
  • Additional sections of: Flexibility, Core and cardio session
  • Training techniques such as: Supersets, plyometric and TUT training.
  • Exercise glossary
  • Videos of me demonstrating each exercise
  • Full lifetime app access
  • Access to my Facebook Community Group
  • This app is available worldwide on IOS & Android

NOTE: If you've purchased a workout guide you can access it by downloading the AFLETE App from the app store and logging in with the same account you created at checkout.

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